Monday, August 20, 2007

Animal Pound in Bismarck

New Animal Control Center Approved
Aug 15, 2007 - 04:03:47 CDT
By GORDON WEIXEL Bismarck Tribune

Though it will cost more than they originally expected, the Bismarck City Commission gave approval for construction of a new animal control center.

Commissioners unanimously approved an expenditure of $419,600 for the impound at Tuesday's meeting. The city took over the formerly privately held Pet Connection Humane Society well over a year ago. Pet Connection had been unable to meet its budget and was forced to turn the operations over to the city, which had contracted with the organization as the city animal impound.

The city commission had put aside $300,000 for construction of a new facility, but Police Chief Deb Ness later found the new building along with utilities would come in much higher. Bismarck did work out an agreement with the city of Mandan to provide impound services. Mandan will provide $75,000 for the facility along with paying $14 per day per animal it brings to the pound and up to 25 percent or $750 a month toward utilities.

Ness recommended that construction contracts be awarded to Capital City Construction as the general contractor; HA Thompson & Sons for mechanical work; and Electrical Systems for electrical work. Total costs of the contracts come to $419,600.With Bismarck's budgeted $300,000 and Mandan's $75,000, the project still came up $44,600 short.

Commissioner Sandi Tabor indicated the additional funds could come from the city's general fund.Ness reported that the owner of the building that the city currently uses as an impound is willing to extend the contract with the city until April of 2008 and will negotiate further time if necessary.Commissioners did question the need for a garage for the facility.

Ness explained that during the winter, it will be easier to unload animal in a garage. In cold, slippery conditions, it may be easier for animals to escape, and if they did they would still be within the confines of the garage. Further, the garage will provide storage for food and other materials needed to house the animals.Tabor made the motion to accept the recommended bids, which passed 5-0.

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